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Bloodmoon Forest

Wizard Toad glowing moss terrarium

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Deep within the heart of Bloodmoon Forest lies a secret - known only to those willing to embark on a daring quest to locate it. It is said that an ancient toad wizard lives in a mossy toad hole where he creates elixirs that could change one's fate. With just a sip of the enchanted elixirs made from glowing mushrooms, one can find the answers to life's most profound mysteries. Stories about the toad wizard have been passed down through generations, but no one has ever been able to locate the elusive toad hole.


Mushrooms will glow the brightest after being exposed to bright light. The cauldron bubbles are watch battery operated. The toad hole is approximately 20 cm high. Please be gentle with this as it is not intended to be a toy. The toad and cauldron are both permanently stuck inside.