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Bloodmoon Forest

Virgo astrology decor red jasper crystal wall hanging

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Happy Virgo season my loves! I was super inspired this month to create something a little different from my other hangings. I hold Virgos very close to my heart, so close in fact that I married one. I wanted your rich earthy stable energy to shine in this woodland piece.

I chose red jasper for your crystal because it feels super grounding and nurturing. This stone will help you to relax and focus your anxious mind. This stone can be charged by burying it deep within soil and honestly how earthy is that. The grounding energy I feel from this crystal has top notch Virgo vibes. Hanging this in your space will definitely feel like the hug you need. 

I used a real dried mushroom for the forest nymph to sit on with her bounty of wheat. Virgo the maiden, in my head, was really up for interpretation so I was like...why not a fairy?