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Bloodmoon Forest

The Wise Old Wizard Tree

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I've been intensely inspired by trees lately so I wanted to create a magical piece that would bring the energy of the deep woods into your sesh. The mushrooms on this bong are real and they were sustainably foraged by myself. A labradorite crystal hugged by moss gives this bong an enchanted twist. Labradorite is a very strong psychic stone and a powerful protector. Even if you're not into crystals the look of labradorite alone enhances this tree dudes magical vibes. While this bong is not being used it serves as an art piece. 

I coated this clay covered glass bong with epoxy resin so that it is completely waterproof and it can be properly cleaned. The bong has an ice catcher and is 10 inches. The bowl and downstem are included. It weighs 1.1 kg.