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Bloodmoon Forest

The Duir Fae

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In the heart of Bloodmoon Forest, where ancient trees stand tall, resides the enchanting Duir fae. She is the embodiment of transformation and creation, the mother form of Caonach, the very origin of moss in the forest.

With gentle grace, the Duir fae lays opalescent eggs, each holding the promise of a future baby Caonach. These eggs look like whimsical bubbles, and their ethereal beauty a testament to the life that awaits within. She carefully nestles them along the bottoms of the ancient trees.

As day turns into night, the Duir fae keeps a watchful eye on her precious eggs. She weaves intricate spells, veiling them from the eyes of those who seek to exploit their magic for personal gain. Her protective enchantments and goo shimmer in the moonlight, shielding the eggs from harm.

Deeply rooted in her love for Bloodmoon Forest, the Duir fae guards her eggs with unwavering devotion. She knows that within them lay the future of the moss, the essence that brings life to the forest. 

Hand sculpted and painted not intended to be a toy. She is 22cm tall.