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Bloodmoon Forest

Scorpio black obsidian crystal astrology wall decor

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Happy Scorpio season! I was feeling super inspired this month to make the hanging a little different than the other signs. I was able to find a cool grungy wall plaque at the thrift store to use as the wall mount. It adds some freaky spice to this piece along with the succulent drooling tongue. Scorpios give me a haunted strip club, Jennifers body kind of energy so I chose the mouth to be the main visual representation of you. The scorpion is on the tongue because of your venomous communication while hurt or defending people. The lips are big, juicy and sexy like your constantly horny attitude.

Black obsidian is the crystal I chose for you because it is one of the strongest protection stones. Most Scorpios I know are extremely fragile and sensitive with huge hearts once you see past their sting. Obsidian will help absorb and remove negative energy and help you feel stable and grounded.