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Bloodmoon Forest

Cancer Rhodonite crystal astrology wall hanging

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Happy Cancer season! I have created this Rhodonite wall hanging to enhance your space with calming, loving beach vibes. The fiddler crab is so perfect because it looks almost too cute in a way to hurt anyone but that one enormous claw will in fact end you at any instance, just like yall! 

I picked Rhodonite for you guys because it feels like a hug and it is the perfect love and relationship stone. Not only is Rhodonite extremely grounding it helps promote emotional balance and healthy relationships. This stone helps aid co dependent relationships and gives you the emotional strength to be just as valid on your own. You will be able to forgive so much easier while rhodonite is around and let go of any petty grudges that weigh your heart down. 

The wood part is 19 cm, and in total the whole hanging is 31 cm. 

The chain at the top comes separate, simply attach each end on to the hooks to hang.