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Bloodmoon Forest

Pond Fairy

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In an enchanted pond deep within the heart of Bloodmoon Forest there lived a creature of whispered legend, the Pond Fairy.

With hair woven from glistening strands of worms, she lured unsuspecting prey to the edge of her enchanted pond. Her black eyes glinted in the moonlight, and her skin bore the markings of a creature both amphibian and ethereal. Mudpuppy gills adorned her lashes, fluttering gently with each breath.

Her pond, guarded by clusters of glowing mushrooms that cast an eerie glow, was a place of mystery and danger. Legend had it that those who ventured too close were ensnared by her unique beauty, only to be drawn beneath the surface to become sustenance for her insatiable hunger.

Many a traveler had disappeared into the depths of her watery realm, their fate sealed by the enchanting allure of the Pond Fairy. Yet despite the warnings, curiosity often triumphed over fear, and the legend of the Pond Fairy continued to haunt the minds of those who dared to wander into the depths of the Bloodmoon Forest.

Hand sculpted fairy piece not intended to be a toy. Mushroom lights have a watch battery operated switch with about 5 inches of wire attached.