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Bloodmoon Forest

Lord Mycelium

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One-of-a-kind sculpture hand-crafted using lichen and pine cones found while camping in the Boreal forest. This magnificent 6 inch high and 8 inch wide tree wizard is a captivating interpretation of Fairy Ring mythology. The sculpture is a loving tribute to the magical qualities of fairy rings and the mystery that surrounds us all.

This sculpture celebrates the allure of fairy rings that have fascinated and inspired people for centuries. The unique spooky woodland design beautifully captures the magic of these rings and pays homage to the mycelium responsible for creating them.

It is not only a work of art, but also a beautiful and thoughtful reminder of the power and magic of nature. Perfect as a centerpiece for your home decor or as a special and meaningful gift for witchy nature lovers. 

Avoid super direct contact with highly sunny areas because the extreme heat will cause the pine cone horns to open. Crystals light up with a tiny white watch battery operated switch.