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Bloodmoon Forest

Horror music box

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I turned this vintage queen of roses doll box into a ferocious monster. The bottom has a wind up knob to twist and play a haunting melody. I intended for this box to stay open with the doll on display. If you do want to squish her down like a jack in the box, be mindful of her teeth. Since this is a vintage item the more gentle you are with her the longer she will last. This is quite a heavy box and it measures 15 cm X 15 cm. 

Here is a little tale about Seraphina 

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman named Seraphina. She had long, flowing red hair that cascaded down her back like a flaming waterfall. Seraphina lived with her mother, who was once the most beautiful woman in the land. However, as she grew older, her beauty began to surpass her mother's.

Jealousy consumed Seraphina's mother like a vile sickness, and in a fit of rage, she put a curse on her daughter. Little did she know, the curse would be stronger than she could have ever imagined. The curse transformed Seraphina into a gruesome creature.

Fearing for her life, Seraphina's mother kept her locked away in a photo box to keep her alive as a memory.

Years went by, and mother had almost forgotten about Seraphina. However, one day, the photo box fell off the shelf, and Seraphina was set free. She immediately went on a rampage, destroying everything in her path.

Mother tried to fight her off, but Seraphina strength was too much for her to handle. In the end, Seraphina got her revenge

From that day on, Seraphina roamed the land, a terrifying monster feared by all who crossed her path. Her once-beautiful red hair now matted and covered in filth, a constant reminder of the curse that had turned her into a monster.