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Bloodmoon Forest

Gemini sodalite crystal astrology wall hanging

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Happy Gemini season! For this wall hanging I have chosen the crystal sodalite. I feel like sodalite will be extremely beneficial for any Gemini baddie that hangs this in their space. Sodalite aids in communication and will help ease your racing mind and communicate your ideas more clearly. Sodalite is also an extremely soothing stone that can help you with anxiety and nervousness. The insight and clarity emanating from this stone is perfect for Geminis racing thoughts and provides logical ways of thinking.

So lets talk about snakes...first of all when I think of Gemini I think of hot snake energy, Angelina Jolie for example. Apart from the physical appearance the spiritual meaning of snakes is what drew me to this design. Snakes represent rebirth, healing and transformation. Almost every gemini I know personally has endured some form of trauma and came out on the other side as a completely transformed person. 

The one snake twin represents the positive qualities of gemini. Playful, witty and cool. The other twin snake represents the negative aspects. Moody, manipulative and anxious. Together they combine to make one of the most intelligent zodiac signs. I believe with deep shadow work gemini has potential to be an intense mastermind. Yall scare me I'm not gonna lie. 

The wooden part is 17 cm and in total from the hanging part to the dangling chain it is 36 cm.