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Bloodmoon Forest

Aries decor carnelian crystal astrology wall hanging

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I've created this Aries carnelian crystal wall hanging for all of my fiery Aries babes out there. I chose carnelian for Aries because apart from the magma colour the strong, confident and powerful energy this crystal yields perfectly represents your energy.

The ram is hand sculpted and painted polymer clay. And yes, she has lashes because you're all that B*T*CH. Just to add some freaky sass I also made the ram holding onto a single little carnelian with its tongue and just drooling a lil bit cuz you're all freaks don't lie. I tried so hard to capture the baddie energy that I feel from Aries. Hanging from the bottom of this piece is a little clay Aries symbol to tie it all together. 

In total this is 31 cm hanging, the wooden plaque part alone is 19 cm.